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Your journey in Sapa will be more impressive when joining the our tour and activities in Sapa and the sourrounding areas.

About Sapa
Sapa townSa Pa (Sapa, Cha Pa, and Chapa) is a mountainous district in the Northwest of Lao Cai province; it has the total superficie of 68,329 ha, including 17 communes, 01 town. It borders with Bat Xat district in the North, Van Ban district in the South, Bao Thang district in the East and Tan Uyen district - Lai Chau province - in the West. Sapa is at 1.650 m above sea level and has an everage annual temperature of 15.30C.
Sapa has 6 ethnic groups: the Hmong (52.3%), the Dao (27.5%), the Kinh or Viet (15.6%), the Tay (5.2%), the Giay (2.1%) and the Phu La (Xa Pho branch). These enthnic groups possess theirs different languages, customs and beliefs and the traditional festivals.
Sapa was discovered by the French people since 1903 in purpose of setting up a military senetarium. In 1920, the tourism was blossomed with the birth of hundreds hotels, villas, restaurants, Church, monastery Ta Phin, Cat Cat Hydro Electric Power Station... Sapa town was really considered "A European town inside Asia".
After the war, the French people took planes to bomb whole the town before leaving. All was in ruin and it remained around ten villas which exist until nowaday. Sapa returned to the way of restoring, constructing and developing. Since 1995, the tourism has quickly developed; Sapa became one of key destinations in Vietnam and is worth to be considered as the "Holiday Capital of the Tokin".

The main interest points and itinaries in Sapa:

Sapa Budget tours: The trip take you discover Sapa Hill tribal with little trek from Sapa town to H'mong , Red Dao ,Tay, Xa pho,...Ethnic people and next day you have opportunity to visiting Special Market around Week

Sapa homestay-Market
: 14 km from Sapa town to culture village you get to hill tribal by trek or our car support you to village where you do relax walk and taking photo of nature Rice terrace surrounding villages and enjoy to talk with minority of Black H'mong, Red Dao...also visiting Market out of Sapa Town

Remote Culture Market
: in this trip we would like to introduce to all travelers on the wold about Vietnam Culture it is showing at our tour Market where you see Unique culture of hill tribal in Northeast - North west Vietnam

Sapa Trekking and Adventure:  All villages in sapa is 13-20 km or further the trek take you go throught many Remote villages and where you discover local life stye and enjoy taking picture with Rice terrace scenery stay overnight on stilt house or stay overnight at our Sunnymountain hotel the Car /Van will support our custom during trips in Sapa VietNam

Fansipan conquer
: 20km from the hotel / conquer the highest pick in Indochina 3143m (the roof of Indochina), discover the Fansipan - Hoang Lien Natinal park... Trekking, climbing. 

Some interest in side Sapa town

Ham Rong Mountain Park: 500m from the hotel (behide) / Enjoy the panorama view of Sapa, Fansipan Mt., admire orchid gardens, Europe flower garden, culture show (09:30 and 15:00), rock forest... / Method: walking

Center Market: 200m from the hotel in the center of the town / shopping and discver the al the aspects of the local life... / Method: walking. in Giang Ta Chai; admire the stunny terrace rice fields; try walking on the Rattan bridge; discover the Ancient Rocks; homestay / Method: trekking, picnic, car, motorbike.

Sapa Ethno Museum: 200m from the hotel, inside the Tourist Information Center -02 Fansipan str, free visit, discover the local culture... / Method: walking.

To book the trips around Sapa, please contact us to get full information or customize for yourself a program during your holiday with our package program 







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